House Rules


Re-entry is NOT permitted. If you leave the theatre you will be charged full price upon


Grilling is not permitted on the grounds.  

One space per vehicle. Please set up your blankets, chairs, etc. in front of your vehicle.

Be courteous; do not spill over into the next space.

There are trash cans at the front entrances to Concessions, please use them.

Bare feet are not permitted in the theatre. Broken glass is inevitable; please keep your

feet safe! Footwear is required in the field and in the buildings.

Please drive at a safe and prudent speed when driving inside the theatre; there are

children about.

With a PUP PASS (available at the gate) We do allow your friendly (leashed) pet on the lawn

at our theatre, however, animals are NOT permitted in the snack bar at any time except for

service animals. Please be sure that you pick up after your pet, using the trash cans at the entrance

to the Concession Stand.

Please help us to provide an enjoyable night out for all of our patrons. Disruptive

behavior will not be tolerated. If you are causing a disturbance you will be asked to


Have fun! Tell all of your friends. Come back soon.